10 Best Bird Feeders Review w/ Buying Guide In 2020

You might have a beautiful garden in your backyard, but there may be something off about it that you don’t really get. And one day, you may understand the reason for your garden’s incompleteness: it is because there are no birds in it!

A bird feeder is a great tool to attract birds with. Attracting birds has a lot of benefits like aiding you with weed and insect population control. Apart from that, watching birds might be just entertaining for you! If that’s what you are looking for, then you are at the right place!

On our reviews of best bird feeders, we are going to review 10 feeders that we consider to the best out there. We made sure to create a diverse list of feeders to allow anyone to find the best bird feeder right after reading through this material. And to help you distinguish between them well, we prepared a thorough buying guide for bird feeders!

Let’s begin without further ado!

Best Bird Feeders We Reviewed Today

  1. Perky-Pet Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird Feeder
  2. Brome Squirrel Buster Standard
  3. Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder
  4. Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder
  5. Perky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder Home with Chimney
  6. Brome Squirrel Buster Plus with cardinal ring
  7. Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder
  8. Stokes Select Bird Feeder
  9. Stokes Select Giant Combo Bird Feeder
  10. Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

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The Top 10 Bird Feeder Reviews

Perky-Pet Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird FeederPerky-Pet Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird Feeder looks like a typical bird feeder, and it basically is. But it has some features that you won’t meet that often in bird feeders.

One of them is adjustable perches, which could be slid out to allow larger birds like cardinals to eat from the bird feeder. Birds access to seed in Wilderness Lantern feeder through the 4 feeding ports. However, only 2 of the ports have the perches, while the rest of them would be suitable for birds that are used to hanging down instead of standing on support.

Another great feature of this bird feeder is its cap with a patented protection system, which is exceptionally effective in preventing squirrels from just figuring out ways of opening the bird feeder. However, in terms of general squirrel protection, this bird feeder isn’t the best choice out there. Apart from the toughness, the cap has a good overhang, which allows for additional protection of the feeding ports from rain.

Wilderness Lantern Bird Feeder has quite nice seed capacity of 2 lbs., which will be great if you don’t have that many birds in your area. Refilling and cleaning the bird feeder is very easy thanks to the quick to remove the cap. Plus, the clear cover of the feeder will allow you to see the amount of seed left in it.

A feature that can be seen quite often in bird feeders is drained holes, and those are present here. They don’t allow rainwater to stay in the feeder and just make the seeds rot and mold.


  • Drain holes to not allow rainwater to stay in the feeder.
  • Adjustable perches.
  • 4 feeding ports.
  • Securely locking cap keeps squirrels out.


  • Larger seeds tend to get stuck in the feeder.

Brome Squirrel Buster StandardBrome Squirrel Buster Standard

Up next on our reviews of best bird feeders is Squirrel Buster Standard by Brome. This bird feeder comes from Brome’s Squirrel Buster line, which has proven to be quite effective against squirrels.

What makes this bird feeder good in terms of squirrel protection? Squirrel Buster Standard is equipped with a weight-triggered protection mechanism that gets engaged as soon as a squirrel lands on one of the feeder’s perches. In response to the squirrel’s weight, the feeding port of the perch gets closed. This protection will be effective not only against squirrels but other pests as well.

Another factor contributing to the good squirrel protection of this bird feeder is that it is made from chew-proof materials. That’s great because squirrels love to try out bird feeders with their teeth in order to get to the seeds!

Squirrel Buster Standard comes with 4 perches, as well as with the same number of feeding ports. The capacity of this bird feeder is quite moderate, standing at 1.3 lbs. But this will be more than enough for areas with low bird traffic.

Squirrel Buster Standard is very easy to dismantle because it doesn’t require any tools to be taken apart with, meaning that refills and cleaning will be a breeze.

A remarkable feature of the Squirrel Buster Standard is its patented ventilation system that allows the seed to stay fresh longer.


  • Has 4 feeding ports with perches.
  • Has squirrel protection.
  • Easy to dismantle.
  • Equipped with a seed ventilation system.
  • Covered by lifetime warranty.


  • Low seed capacity.

Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird FeederWild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder

Now comes the first window bird feeder on our reviews! The main advantage of window bird feeders is that they allow you to clearly and in-detail observe birds that pay a visit to the feeder! But that’s not everything a window bird feeder can offer!

As any window feeder, Wild Birds of Joy window bird feeder is mounted to the window via suction cups. This particular bird feeder is equipped with 4 strong suction cups that allow the feeder to stay in its place rather securely.

Bird seed is put into the two-section removable tray. A pair of compartments allows you to put different kinds of seed without intermixing them. Apart from that, when refilling or cleaning the bird feeder, the removable design of the tray will surely come in handy. On the other hand, birds’ movements might shift the tray and possibly even throw it out the feeder.

In terms of capacity, Wild Birds of Joy bird feeder is quite nice as it can accommodate about 3 cups of bird seed, so you won’t have to worry about refills very often.

Another interesting feature of this window bird feeder is its back window, which performs two functions. Firstly, given that you can access the opening, it can allow you to refill the tray without removing it. Secondly, condensate buildup won’t obscure the view of the birds that much in rain.

Lastly, Wild Birds of Joy window bird feeder offers wind and rain protection, as well as drain holes at the bottom of the tray to not allow water to collect in it.


  • Comes with a two-section removable tray.
  • Mounted through 4 strong suction cups.
  • Holds 3 cups of bird seed.
  • Equipped with drain holes.


  • No pest protection.

Nature Anywhere Window Bird FeederNature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder

This one is also a window bird feeder, but it is a little different. The first obvious difference of Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder is its design: it has a house roof, which in fact impacts not only mere appearance. On such a roof, water flows down instead of simply collecting, as it is with flat roofs.

While this bird feeder might look rather large, it actually has only 2-cup bird seed capacity. While the capacity is lower than with the previous window bird feeder, Nature Anywhere feeder has, in fact, more room for the birds, which will allow larger birds like cardinals to comfortably eat from this window feeder.

The tray of this bird feeder is also removable to allow for quick cleaning and refilling. Besides, the tray has two compartments for you to put different kinds of bird seeds in. And the drain holes to prevent water from collecting in the tray are also here.

This window bird feeder is mounted through four big and strong suction cups. Plus, it has the familiar opening in the back that allows you to see the birds more clearly even in rainy weather when condensate builds up on the window.


  • Comes with a removable tray with two compartments.
  • 4 powerful suction cups.
  • Has drain holes.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee.


  • Not so much seed capacity.
  • Not pest proof.

Perky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder Home with ChimneyPerky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder Home with Chimney

If you have been looking for a huge bird feeder, Perky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone II bird feeder will certainly be a nice choice. After all, this bird feeder has 8 lbs. of bird seed capacity, so you surely won’t run out of seed very often!

Apart from large capacity, Squirrel Be Gone II features a weight-activated squirrel protection system, the like of which we have seen in the Squirrel Buster Standard we reviewed earlier. The concept is the same: excessive weight on the perch forces the feeding ports to close. In fact, the protective lid closes all of the feeding ports, so squirrels won’t be able to just feast from the unblocked ports.

However, if you have smart squirrels in your area, they may be able to one day bypass the protection by just hanging down from the roof of this house bird feeder.

Another factor of the overall good squirrel protection of this bird feeder is its all-metal body, which won’t allow squirrels to just chew through the feeder.

When the feeder runs out of the seed, you just remove the metal roof and refill the bird feeder with new portion of bird seed. The easy to remove roof also allows you to quickly clean the insides of this bird feeder.

A more or less noticeable downside of this bird feeder is that it doesn’t have any drain holes. Rainwater won’t get into the bird feeder from the top, but it can get in through the feeding ports, which may lead to rotting of the seeds.


  • Cute design.
  • Equipped with weight-triggered squirrel protection.
  • Large seed capacity.
  • Tough, all-metal construction.
  • Removable roof for easy filling and cleaning.


  • Squirrels may be able to figure out how to bypass the protection.
  • Not so easy to determine the amount of seed left in the feeder.
  • No drain holes.

Brome Squirrel Buster Plus with Cardinal RingBrome Squirrel Buster Plus with Cardinal Ring

If the seed capacity of Brome Squirrel Buster Standard wasn’t quite enough for you, have a look at Squirrel Buster Plus! This one has quite good seed capacity of 5.1 lbs., but that’s not the only difference between the two Brome bird feeders.

One of the differences lies in the squirrel protection system of Squirrel Buster Plus. With this bird feeder, all of the ports get closed under excessive weight on the perch. The familiar and handy weight adjustment is also here.

Speaking of the perch, Squirrel Buster Plus comes with a big ring for a perch, which is very well suitable for cardinals and other larger birds. The ring-perch allows birds to conveniently eat from the 6 feeding ports this feeder has. The combination of a large number of ports and the big capacity makes Squirrel Buster Plus great for areas with heavy bird traffic.

The materials of Squirrel Buster Plus are also made from chew-proof material, providing additional protection from pests. While this bird feeder is tough, it doesn’t require you to use any tools during disassembly for cleaning and refilling.

The patented seed ventilation system familiar by Squirrel Buster Standard is also here to make sure that the seeds stay fresh longer.


  • Large seed capacity.
  • 6 feeding ports.
  • Squirrel proof.
  • Easy to dismantle.
  • Has seed ventilation.
  • Equipped with a cardinal ring.
  • Lifetime care.


  • Quite messy.

Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird FeederPerky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

Up next on our reviews of best bird feeders is yet another feeder by Perky-Pet. Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder will be a nice choice for those who need neither the capacity nor the squirrel protection of the Squirrel Be Gone II and want something more like the Lantern bird feeder we examined in the very beginning.

For the size, this bird feeder has nice seed capacity of 2 lbs., which will be just right if there aren’t a lot of birds in your neighborhood. With this bird feeder, refilling is done through the top after the removal of the cap. The cap shares its design with that of Perky-Pet Lantern Bird Feeder, meaning that is has a rather good overhang and is securely locked for better squirrel protection.

A remarkable feature of this bird feeder is its 360-degree feeding tray that allows birds to freely eat from the feeder. The circular tray is complemented by the ring perch to make eating even more convenient for the birds.

You might wonder if rainwater will get into the tray, and it probably will in rain and wind. However, because the bottom of the bird feeder is equipped with drain holes, you won’t have to worry about rotting bird seeds.


  • Nice capacity for the size.
  • Sure-lock cap to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed.
  • Wide circular perch and tray for 360-degree feeding.
  • Has drain holes.
  • Good weather protection.


  • The copper finish seems not very rust-resistant.
  • Isn’t truly squirrel proof.

Stokes Select Bird FeederStokes Select Bird Feeder

Stokes Select Bird Feeder is a rather remarkable feeder model thanks to its interesting and, more importantly, functional design.

This bird feeder comes with as many as 6 feeding ports. Each of the ports is equipped with a perch, which can be adjusted in length to accommodate larger birds. The capacity of 3.5 lbs. makes this bird feeder quite good for areas with moderate bird traffic.

Although any bird feeder with multiple feeding ports has some kind of a distribution system that spreads the seeds evenly between the ports, the one of Stokes Select Bird Feeder is quite noteworthy in terms of appearance. The clear tube of the feeder allows you to see the intricacies of its construction, and in addition allows you to quickly estimate how much seed there is left.

Refilling this bird feeder is very easy thanks to the removable cover. However, the cover is so simple that even squirrels can figure it out and open it to access the seeds. And in general, this bird feeder isn’t designed for preventing access for squirrels. Apart from that, thoroughly hand cleaning this bird feeder won’t be very easy due to its complex interior.

Stokes Select feeder comes with a thistle insert to help you attract members of the finch family. If that’s what you want to do, this bird feeder will be simply ideal!


  • Nice bird seed capacity.
  • 6 adjustable feeding ports.
  • Clear design for a quick view of the seed level.
  • Includes a thistle bird seed insert for finch birds.
  • Easy cleaning and refilling.


  • A little bit hard to clean.
  • No squirrel protection.

Stokes Select Giant Combo Bird FeederStokes Select Giant Combo Bird Feeder

Stokes Select Giant Combo Bird Feeder is quite remarkable as well. That is due to its huge size and the insane amount of feeding ports, which makes this bird feeder perfect for areas with lots of birds.

To be precise, Giant Combo Bird Feeder has 8 lbs. of bird seed capacity and features 12 feeding ports. Stokes Select Giant Bird Feeder has two large compartments for different kinds of seed as well. The perches of each port are good for smaller birds, but since they are not adjustable, you might not be able to attract larger birds.

This bird feeder’s durable powder-coated copper finish greatly contributes to the longevity and the resistance of the feeder to outdoor elements. You wouldn’t expect otherwise from a bird feeder this big!

Interestingly, Giant Combo Bird Feeder has a bottom collective tray to catch seeds that may fall out of the feeding ports. The bottom tray could also serve as a perch for larger birds that can’t fit on the perches!

Feeder’s drainage holes are designed to prevent the collection of water in it, but it seems that they are not large enough to take care of such a big bird feeder as users tend to complain about the drain’s effectiveness. This means that you will need to be more attentive with the bird feeder.

Because the need for it may arise when there still is plenty of seed in the feeder, the cleaning process can become quite annoying. Fortunately, the easiness this feeder is taken apart with should allow you for quicker cleaning.


  • Large seed capacity.
  • Durable powder-coated copper finish.
  • 12 feeding ports.
  • Has two separate seed compartments.
  • Easy to clean and refill.
  • Has a collective bottom tray to prevent mess.
  • Has drainage holes.


  • The drain holes are too small for supreme effectiveness.
  • Non-squirrel proof.
  • The perches can accommodate only smaller birds.

Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird FeederWoodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

And the last feeder on our reviews of best bird feeders is truly a monster of a feeder with 12 lbs. bird seed capacity! It is Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder, which, as the name implies, is also squirrel proof.

The weight-activated squirrel protection of this bird feeder is pretty much identical to that of Perky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone 2: the feeding ports get covered as soon as a squirrel lands on the perch. You can additionally adjust the weight sensitivity of the squirrel protection for it to be triggered by lighter or heavier animals.

In terms of how many birds it can accommodate, Absolute II Squirrel Resistant feeder is outstanding: it has a total of 14 feeding ports, 7 at each side of the bird feeder. It should be noted that squirrel protection is present on both sides of the feeder.

Woodlink Absolute II bird feeder is built from tough materials that are resistant to chewing, rusting, and are generally quite durable.

The roof of this bird feeder can be easily removed for quick refilling and cleaning. But because this bird feeder is so capacious, you won’t have to refill it very often!

It would be nice to have a clear view of the bird seed level. Apart from that, because this bird feeder doesn’t have any drain holes, you might need to clean it prematurely to dispose of the rotten and solidified seeds that occurred in rain.


  • Large seed capacity.
  • Double-sided to attract more birds.
  • Squirrel proof.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Easy to clean and fill through the removable roof.


  • Squirrels can hang down from the roof to bypass the protection system.
  • No drain holes.

Your Bird Feeder Buying Guide

As the reviews of best bird feeders could have shown you, there are various feeders out there that you could find. Bird feeders come in different shapes and sizes, as well as offering varying features. How do you know which bird feeder is the absolute best for your needs?

To help you with answering that question, we are now going to examine the features of bird feeders you should be looking for. Let’s start with the types of bird feeders.

Types of Bird Feeders

Bird feeders come in four main types: hopper/house, platform, tubular, and window. All of them are quite different in many terms, which makes distinguishing between the types of bird feeders increasingly important.


Hopper or house bird feeders are the largest bird feeders out there one could find. Combined with a big number of feeding ports, a house bird feeder is an ideal choice for those who have a lot of birds in their backyard. Apart from that, a house bird feeder will allow you to think about refills not as frequently.

Size isn’t the only advantage of house/hopper bird feeders. They are also the sturdiest and the most long-living bird feeders you can get. Being also generally more expensive than other bird feeders, a house feeder is nonetheless a pretty good investment.

House/hopper bird feeders can be installed either by hanging or mounting on a pole, depending on the feeder.


Platform bird feeders are the simplest kind of feeders you can get, and also typically the cheapest. These feeders basically consist of a feeding platform or tray that holds all the bird seed. Some platform feeders can have additional features like roofs for weather and wind protection.

Platform feeders are quite easy to set up. Besides, they are very easy to clean and refill, as well as have moderate seed capacity. However, they are the least reliable when it comes to pest protection. The feeding platform of such bird feeders isn’t protected by anything, which allows squirrels, large birds, mice, and rats to easily reach the bird seed, though some platform bird feeders come with adjustable baffles that can restrict larger birds from accessing the bird food.

As for installation, platform feeders can also be installed on poles or be simply hanged.


Tubular bird feeders consist of a feeding tube, as well as feeding ports. Some tubular bird feeders also include a mesh cage that covers the tube for additional protection from pests. Generally, tubular bird feeders offer moderate capacity, which stands somewhere in between house and window bird feeders.

These bird feeders deliver seed to the birds through feeding ports, which are typically equipped with individual perches for the birds to stand on. Some tubular feeders may have circular trays and perches for 360-degree feeding. Overall, tubular bird feeders are quite suitable for areas with moderate bird traffic.

In terms of pest protection, tubular bird feeders are mostly equal to house feeders. With tubular feeders, pest protection can be done via weight-activated protection, spinning perches, and, cages. However, tubular feeders generally aren’t as firmly built as house feeders.


Window bird feeders are the best when you want to have an up-close experience with the birds. As the name implies, a window bird feeder is installed by mounting to one of your windows through suction cups, which allows you to closely observe the birds eating.

Window bird feeders are rather easy to keep an eye on because they are positioned so close to your line of sight. Apart from that, they are exceptionally easy to refill and clean. Some window feeders feature removable trays that make maintenance of the feeder even easier.

On the other hand, window bird feeders typically offer the least capacity among all types of bird feeders and have little to no squirrel protection. The latter could be mitigated by installing the window bird feeder in an area inaccessible to squirrels, but this still doesn’t make these feeders squirrel proof.

With window feeders, birds are also often forced to go through the shells of eaten seeds, which doesn’t happen with other types of bird feeders. That’s because, with other types of feeders, seeds escape the container before being eaten by the birds, while with window feeders, birds eat directly from the tray. Going through empty shells can annoy birds in the end, so a window bird feeder requires increased attention on your part.

Another disadvantage of window bird feeders is present only in feeders with removable trays. While eating, birds might shift the tray and even throw it out of the feeder. Apart from that, bird seeds tend to get in between the tray and the feeder and rot if left untreated.

Things to Look For in Bird Feeders


Materials are exceptionally important with bird feeders. Not only they make feeders durable, but materials also provide a bird feeder with increased protection against squirrels and other pests.

Most typically, bird feeders are made from powder-coated steel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. Some feeders may even be resistant to UVs, which will be great if the feeder will be staying under sunlight. After all, UVs will lead to yellowing and even corrosion of the feeder. As for pest protection, sturdy materials will prevent squirrels, mice, and rats from just chewing through the feeder.


Size is very important with bird feeders as well. And we do not mean the capacity yet, we mean the size of its components. For example, a large window feeder will allow larger birds to feast on the feeder. Tubular feeders with large perches will be able to accommodate larger birds as well.

In most cases, you don’t really have to worry about the size of bird feeders because the majority of them are designed to accommodate common birds anyway. However, the smallest bird feeders obviously won’t be able to fit bulkier birds. This isn’t always a problem because manufacturers often offer large perch add-ons for their bird feeders. So if you will be feeding larger birds, make sure to get an appropriate bird feeder.

Seed capacity

The seed capacity determines the frequency you will refilling the bird feeder with. However, this isn’t the only factor as the bird traffic should be also taken into account.

Generally, the more bird traffic you have, the larger bird feeder you should go for. However, if you don’t mind refilling your bird feeder often, you could go for a smaller feeder in case you are tight on the budget. In this case, the number of feeding ports will be more important and let’s see why.

Number of feeding ports

The more feeding ports a bird feeder has, the more birds it can feed at once. A smaller bird feeder with 12 ports will be able to feed 12 birds, though it will run out of seed pretty quickly. On the other hand, a larger bird feeder with 2 ports will be a disaster in areas with high bird traffic because the birds will have to wait for their turn to eat. They might eventually get annoyed and just fly away. Hopefully, you get the idea of why the number of feeding ports is more important than the capacity.

The bottom line is that the right capacity is dictated by your budget and the willingness to refill the feeder frequently, while the number of feeding ports is determined by your bird traffic.


All bird feeders can come with some kind of a roof. Roofs otherwise called baffles, are great for weather protection as they cover the seeds from rainwater, as well as can provide some protection from wind. Moreover, roofs can prevent pests from hanging down the bird feeder to bypass its protection. Overall, you might want to go for a feeder that has a roof with good overhang.

Pest Protection

Pest protection is an exceptionally important component of bird feeders. Some people absolutely need it, while others don’t have any issues with pests. If you are one of the former, you should look for a bird feeder with pest protection.

There are three main types of pest protection mechanisms in bird feeders:

  • Weight-activated protection. Bird feeders with these have weight-sensitive perches. As soon as a pest lands on the perch, the feeding ports of the bird feeder get covered, limiting any access to the seed. Weight-activated protection typically works very well, unless a squirrel figures out that it is a good idea to hang down from the roof of the feeder. In this case, a roof with a good overhang would come in handy.

Some weight-activated protection systems allow you to regulate the weight sensitivity of the perches, which could allow you to screen out smaller pests.

  • Spinning perches. Feeders with spinning perches also feature a weighted trigger, but instead of covering the feeding ports, it just spins the perch to simply throw the pest off. While rather effective, a spinning perch might not always be useful because some squirrels can be really stubborn! Apart from that, if a bird feeder is hanging, a spinning perch might make it swing and scatter the birdseed around for the squirrels’ joy.
  • Caged bird feeders are also good against pests. Typically, tubular bird feeders are equipped with cages. The cage basically encloses the tube at some distance to prevent pests from reaching the feeder’s feeding ports. With cages, you should make sure that the size of the cage is big enough to maintain sufficient distance between the cage and the feeding ports. Apart from that, the size of the openings in the cage should allow the desired birds to get in while keeping away larger birds.

You should also pay special attention to any kinds of gaps in the mesh where the halves of the cage are connected. It isn’t a rare occurrence when birds’ legs get trapped in those gaps. To avoid this, you could put some tape on the dangerous spots, but you should get a caged feeder with a good design in the first place.

Water Drain Holes

Water drain holes don’t allow rainwater to stay in the feeder long enough for the seed to rot and solidify. Not only this creates a mess, but the rotten seed is also dangerous to the birds’ health, so a feeder with water drain holes is a thing you should definitely look for.

Benefits of Getting a Bird Feeder

Attracts birds to your area

The seed put in your bird feeder will surely attract a lot of birds to your area. And this has a lot of advantages in its turn! Attracting birds can help you with insect & weed defense, plant pollination, as well as will allow you to contribute a little bit to environmental conservation! And let’s also not forget that the sight of birds can a great way of entertainment or stress relief!

Less messy

Just pouring bird seed onto your backyard table might do the trick, but it will undeniably be quite messy. This isn’t the case with bird feeders as they allow you to provide the birds with an organized way to eat!

Allows you to examine nature up close

If you are just curious in a scientific way, a bird feeder attracting birds could allow you to learn more about the behavior of birds and their dietary preferences. In case you are a photographer, the colorful birds at your bird feeder will make for a great photo! Or maybe you just want to relax while watching the birds having fun in the bird feeder in your backyard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are squirrel proof bird feeders more preferable in general?

If you don’t need squirrel protection, there is no real need to go for a squirrel proof bird feeder. However, you might want to get one just in case because you don’t know whether or not there will be squirrels in your area in the future.

Do I need anything else apart from bird feeders to attract birds?

Bird food is of greatest importance to birds. Essentially, it is the primary factor that attracts birds. No matter how great your bird feeder is, it won’t attract birds without the appropriate food. The dietary preferences of different birds vary quite a bit, so you might want to dive into the topic of bird food deeper.

As you could have seen, bird feeders are indeed exceptionally useful. The benefits of attracting birds go well beyond mere personal satisfaction. And that’s why you should definitely buy a bird feeder if you have a garden or even a simple backdoor area with a lot of green!


I am Maria and adore birds all the time. I love parrots, macaws parrot, Theodore Finch. I would love to review bird feeders, bird foods, and bird toys.

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