How To Take Care Of A Parakeet ( For Noobs )

If you don’t want to go crazy with your first purchase and want to hit something small to pet, then Parakeet would be your right choice. They are also known as budgies or budgerigars; these small birds are cute and can fit any cage that you may have already in your home.  The noise level of budgies birds is fairly low as mentioned by some of the budgies owners. Plus, they don’t tear down toys as quickly as other birds do (so yeah, that saves few of your bucks!)

Budgies are good talkers by the way! Teach them with affection, and they will learn them like a robot and mimic to you in their own cute comical voices. Their playfulness and energetic vibes have already owned so many hearts, no wonder you will be one too in the list once you visit them in the shop.

As a plus point, budgies are inexpensive compared to other birds that you will be seeing in this list (and definitely, way lot cheaper than Macaws no matter what sizes you go for!). And, I find budgies to be quite fluffy and squishy, making them a wonderful company when you need a cuddling buddy.

But the highly anticipated question right now is “how to take care of my parakeet”? Let’s go step by step to make the whole process easier and clearer.

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how to take care of a parakeet

Let’s start on How to take care of a parakeet step by step:-

Step 1: Know which species to go for 

If you are an Australian citizen, then I would suggest you look into Alexandrine Parakeets, Black-tailed Parakeet, and Indian Ringneck Parakeets. These budgies are actually originated from Australia and would be more cost effective for you to pet them since they are already accustomed to the environment. However, you can also pet budgies from Africa, South America, and parts of Asia- they are manageable too but with proper climate and toys. But any species you choose, buy them in pairs as they enjoy interacting with their other selves.

How to take care of a budgie

Step 2: Know about their health before buying Parakeet

Make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder instead from a random seller. Ask them questions about budgies’ prior conditions (if possible visit them) before buying; find out whether they were kept in a clean environment, fed quality food and visited vets frequently. When you are buying, opt for the ones that look livelier, vigorous and have bright eyes.

Not only that but also there are many parakeets which may look lively when you are buying them but inside they are containing harmful bacteria. And that’s why after purchasing, take them to the vet – they will run the test for psittacosis, Macrorhabdus fungus, yeast, and internal and external parasites. These are the deadly bacteria they you should be scared of as that can transfer from the budgies to you and your family. So even before you take them to your home, pay a visit to your nearby vet first.

Step 3: Prepare their home, aka cage

Always go for the large squared size when you are buying a bird cage. This will give them free space to stretch their wings, play with their mates, and climb onto the ceilings. The cage should be stainless steel; stainless steel is non-toxic to parakeets, whereas, brass, zinc or lead can turn rusty within months- and this will be unhealthy to the birds.

Now in order to call it a “home” for birds, you have to attach food and water drinker to it. Place them at the bars of the cages rather than on the ground, this will keep the bowls and water drinker free from dirt contamination and bird wastes. Plus if you have more than one budgies (which you should have), then place separate bowls and drinker for each of them in the cage, so that the angrier ones don’t necessarily susshh away the calmer ones.

Toys are very important if you want to keep your budgies happy. They are curious birds; they always need something to keep themselves busy and entertained. When buying toys for them, look for ones that have bells, mirrors, or ladders so that they can climb up-down within the cage. Plus the foraging toys, chew toys and puzzle toys are their favorite, and these toys keep them busy for the longest hours. So if you have homework to be done, place the parrot puzzle inside the cage – you will have hours before they start crying for something else.

How to take care of a parakeet

Step 4: Food

Include pellets in the dietary chart of your budget. These pellets basically include all the macro and micronutrients for their proper balanced diet.

Seeds, though loved by all the parakeets, are fattening for them. Refrain yourself from being a handful when you dealing with seeds (I know you love your birds and want to feed them dearly anything they love, but NO). Rather indulge yourself in choosing fruits and vegetables for them. Make sure you are including more of green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, kale, spinach and fruits like kiwi, pears, oranges when you are shopping for your birds.

And last but definitely not the least, clean or sanitize their bowls or feeders every day to prevent any unwanted diseases. Supply them with clear and fresh drinking water too!

Step 5: Socialize with them

Don’t think, toys ONLY would make them happy. As the bird keeper, you must create a strong bond with the bird. Talk to them frequently, about anything. Make sure they get familiar to your voices. When you are talking, keep your sentences in phrases – it will be easier for them to mimic them and learn.

Once the parakeet is comfortable around you, hold them and touch their chest gently. This will tingle and they will step up on your finger thinking it as a perch. Use words like “stand up” or “hold” when they are doing so, it will train them to perch on your hand and you will be able to socialize with them more.

Final words

I know it’s a lot of work, but taking care of parakeets is fun when you realize that they are equally affectionate as you are towards them.

With some daily care and maintenance they will thrive, and so as your happiness; trust me.  At all, learn properly how to take care of a parakeet.



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