Step-By-Step Review Of Kaytee Bird Feeders

What better way to start your morning than sipping onto a hot cup of coffee and watching those colorful birds flocking in your balcony? Having a cup of coffee may sound like achievable or a cup-of-tea to you, but what about the idea behind “birds flocking in your balcony”? Well, you must give to get something in return. You want to gaze onto the colorful birds, singing – this could be your favorite pastime, but to bring them to flock together can be challenging sometimes. So what can be done?  Buy a good bird feeder.


How Choosing Kaytee Bird Feeders Can Be Worthy?

You don’t have to visit mountains and forests to see the variations of birds flying around you, what you need the most is a convenient yet not so expensive bird feeder hanging in your balcony or backyard. Talking of this, no other can attract those birds better than Kaytee Bird Feeders, and there are so many reasons to justify that.

Kaytee Bird Feeder review

Now, before you go on and buy one of the Kaytee (because you have read so on an internet article) won’t be a good decision. Because different bird feeders appeal to different species of birds, so you have to know first which bird you want to flock around your home, and then choose accordingly.

But no matter whichever bird you to want to flock, you can find the respective feeder with the variations available by Kaytee. Kaytee Finch Feeder, Kaytee Suet Wild Birds Feeder, Kaytee Hummingbird Feeder, Kaytee Ceder Feeder and Birdbath, Kaytee bird cages the list goes on… so, basically, there is something for everyone going on with this company. Therefore, the choices available – Checked.

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Features Of Kaytee Bird Bath Or Feeder

Next comes the quality and how Kaytee bird Feeders are built. First of all their feeders are pliable mesh and soft which can hold pounds of bird food in them. Its innovative sock design gives the feeder more surface area, thus a large number of birds can sit together on it and eat. Furthermore, all their feeders are easily refillable. So, every time it’s on the verge of getting empty, fill them and get the birds flocking. The cable that comes with the feeder is durable, which can be looped and hanged anywhere you want.

Now there are some Kaytee bird feeders that can be used both as feeders and birdbath. Take the example of “Kaytee Ceder Feeder and Birdbath”. This feeder not only can be used to hold onto bird food and thus attracting more birds but also can be used for their baths. This versatile feeder has already been a cult favorite for so many bird lovers already, that it doesn’t need more introductions, really. I mean this one saves money for real. Plus, its ventilated roof and drainage system helps to keep the bird food or seed fresh, thus edible for the longest period of time even if you keep them under the sun. Its water tray is easily removable, so you can clean and refill them with no problem whatsoever. Making things even easier with its rust resistant chain hanger, so hang your feeder and the durability would give you the reminder that your money is practically, well spent.

Another factor that makes Kaytee bird bath or feeder more favorable compared to others, is that no matter what type of bird food you put in it, be it seed or sugary sticky substances, the feeder will never leak or tear (as they are made with durable, renewable red cedar). This is because the more chances the feeder has to leak, the more the food will contaminate because of dust and dirt. Plus, it can become moldy faster. So, you definitely don’t want that in your bird food when you plan to engage birds with it. As a quick tip, just put a small ant moat on the top, it will prevent the pesky crawlers like bees and wasps away from Kaytee bird feeders.

Kaytee Finch Feeder

Now let’s talk about some real situations. There are so many large birds, like jay and parrots, which are really interesting to watch when they play or flock around the feeder. However, often times they become so aggressive that they start to chase away the smaller birds in the try of flocking around the feeder.  Kaytee has special feeders for such small birds, which are very tube-like. This lets the smaller birds perch through the two ports, while larger birds are unable to get a grip or hold on the perches. So if you are in the mood to hear the small birds sing in your balcony then you must consider one of the Kayetee’s Feeders. With their feeders, you will get to flock small songbirds like siskins, chickadees, titmice, sparrows, and grosbeaks, while discouraging other larger birds such as grackles, jays, and doves.

Now, let’s just take a quick glimpse at the pros and cons so that you know whether Kayetees Bid Feeders is the one you are looking for and that you want to spend money on it (or not).


  • Doesn’t leak and tear
  • Extremely easy to clean and refill
  • Attracts a wide range of bird species
  • Well-built and sturdy construction
  • Multiple ways to use; feeder and bathtub
  • Have feeders that discourage bully birds
  • Attractive appearance
  • Durable


  • More expensive than other feeders available in the market.
  • Some users complained that the feeder is difficult to setup
  • The feeders made with sock-like material have chances to tear, eventually

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Final words

No matter how much we try and think crows are annoying, because of its Ca-Ca in the morning, we know they are important for us, to our living. Similar to crows, all the birds around us have some purpose, and that adds to the betterment of society.

Often times, it may occur to us to do nothing on Sunday Morning but gaze at them. It lifts our mind, don’t you think?

And to flock, those birds around our home, can be done amazingly by the efficient bird feeders, such as Kaytee’s. Just hang the feeder up above so that the squirrels can’t jump from the ground to grab them or reach them.  You don’t want to spoil it before the actual fun begins, right.

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I am Maria and adore birds all the time. I love parrots, macaws parrot, Theodore Finch. I would love to review bird feeders, bird foods, and bird toys.

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