Kaytee Parrot Food Review

Why Kaytee Parrot Food?

Any kind of animal that you keep with you deserves the same good quality lifestyle and good food as you do. Comparing to other pet animals like cats/dogs having birds as a pet can be a little difficult. As it is more difficult to understand what they want and what are their requirements. As a parrot owner, we know that you want the best for your feather baby. As a responsible owner, you surely want to feed your parrot a balanced diet so that they can live healthily, get proper growth and can have full of their life.

Food Of Parrot

As you know, parrots need to survive on bugs, sparse fruits, and nuts. But, no matter how much you love your parrot, you cannot manage all these things. Not if you have all of these in one parrot food. Yes, you just need to invest in a good quality parrot food and for that Kaytee, parrot food is a great option which is easily available in the market.


This food brand believes that sharing your life with your parrot is an enjoyable journey only when your parrot is in excellent health. So, to make sure that your parrot can get 100% of nutrition with no seed shells or hulls Kaytee has different types of parrot foods. All of these food types have been developed with only one aim, and that is to ensure your parrot can get the proper nutrition. So, in this article, we have talked about some of the Kayterr parrot food which can be great options for your lovely colorful friend.

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Now let’s Look At Kaytee Parrot Food Reviews

1. Kaytee Exact Rainbow Bird Food for Large Parrot

Kaytee parrot food

The first option for your parrot is this one. This is one of the best and most trusted Kaytee parrot food. By adding this to your parrot food diet you are going to make your parrot happy and full one energetic. It is a fresh mix of different ingredients which also includes Omega 3. It is great for their heart and brain growth. Now, we know that you do want your parrot to have a sharp brain and a heart full of love for you. Not only this food will improve your parrot’s inner growth, but it also improves their feather health. This food is beneficial for the feathers renewal and to maintain the vibrant colors of their feathers.

This Kaytee parrot food has also a mix off prebiotics and probiotics. These are important for their digestive tract. Unlike other bird foods, this doesn’t smell bad. Even it smells fruity. So, just when you opened the packet you will feel that you are going to give your friend something that they will surely like. Surprisingly we know a lot of customers who have tried it by themselves as they smell so good. So, yeah maybe you can have a dinner date with your parrot.

The Kaytee Exact Rainbow food is specially designed for the big parrots. Once your parrot is big enough then you can shift to this food. If by any chance they don’t take it in the first take, mix this food with some of their old food and then they will eat it.


  • Provide a balanced diet for your parrot
  • Overall health is improved
  • Parrots like the food a lot


· Kaytee has recently changed the formula, so some of the birds might not like it

2. Kaytee Fiesta MAX Bird Food for Parrots

Parrot food

Another great Kaytee parrot food option is the Kaytee Fiesta MAX Bird Food for Parrots. If you are worried that your parrot is only getting one type of seed, then you can try this one. to reduce your concerns, this parrot food comes with a high-quality mixture of different natural ingredients mainly veggies so that each of the pellets has all the required nutrients. It is the totally edible diet for your parrot which helps to improve their stamina, feathering and overall health.

Just like the previous Kaytee parrot food, this also has Omega 3 that helps to support their heart and brain growth. This Kaytee food is made with a premium blend of assorted vegetables, grains, seeds, and fruits. Moreover, it also has prebiotics and probiotics. From the list of ingredients on the packet, you will get to know that there are no harmful chemicals or color is not used to make this food.

One of the best features of this parrot food except its nutritional value is that it comes at an affordable price. You are going to get a huge quantity of food at such a low price and it will last for months. You need to reserve this product naturally so that is can maintain the freshness. Once opened remove the air from the packet and then seal it properly. Keep it in the chest freezer, then it will reduce the chances to get moths.

The smell of the food is not so great. However, parrots love this food and we think that is the main thing we want here. Though this food is good for both small and bigger parrots, if you have an aged old friend then you surely need to try this one. Among all the customers, the Kaytee Fiesta Parrot food is good for the parrots which are more than 20 years old. It has plenty of nutrition that helps older birds with their beak integrity and bones. You know just like humans, parrots also need some extra care when they are old. So, with your care and affection try also this food.

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  • Great mixture of different ingredients
  • Provide a full balanced diet


There are some complaints about bug infestations with this Kaytee supreme parrot food.


As human we have different needs and tastes, so do the parrots. Finding a proper parrot food that delivers a proper diet with a good taste can be difficult. However, Kaytee’s parrot foods have some great positive feedbacks from its users. Parrots love the different flavors of these foods and that why we think you should consider these food options.

Hope, your parrot becomes more healthy, colorful, playful and have a wonderful life with you. You may like another blog on Kaytee wild bird food review.


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