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Birds are one of the most fantastic pets one can have. They’re intelligent creatures who’ve been great companions for human beings since the beginning of time. A T-stand is a must have if you want your pet birds to live a healthy and happy life.

There are numerous different stands out there in the market. There are three types of bird stands out there: hanging bird stand, regular bird stand, and birds play stand. However, a great t-stand will help the bird to stay active and psychologically healthy as well. Out of the tons of pet t-stands out there, Kaytee EZ Care Pet Bird T-Stand does stand out in the crowd. Let’s take a detailed look at its features.

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The Features of Kaytee Pet T-Stand

The Kaytee Pet T-Stand has an outstanding design that will help to keep the flock together. The size of the stand is perfect for medium to large sized birds and you can keep it about anywhere in the house. It will enable the birds to spend quality time outside the cage. Kaytee Pet T-Stand

It’s available in two different sizes: medium and large. The medium one has a dimension of 25 x 25 x 53.8 inches with a weight of 13.8 pounds and the large one has a dimension of 34.2 x 34.2 x 57.2 inches with a weight of 18.6 pounds. The stands are suitable for medium to large birds such as cockatiels, conures, parakeets, etc. It has an aesthetically pleasing design which will bring elegance to the overall décor of your home.

The Kaytee T-Stand has a very sturdy and durable build quality. It’s made with high-quality metal that offers outstanding durability. The metal also has a premium-grade powder coating over it which helps prevent rusting. Therefore, no matter what the weather condition is the stand will stay in its top condition.

The stand features a deep catch pan which helps to gather all kinds of scattered food and water. The EZ glide system enables it to be glided around easily which enhances the overall mobility. There’s also a wooden perch with the diameter of 1.5″ and a length of 25” and there’s also a large deep catch pan there with the diameter of 27” which catches the addition scatter and leftovers.

Setup Procedure

The Kaytee Pet-Stand features very easy and simple setup procedures. It can be assembled very easily without any professional help. You’ll get an instruction manual that contains a detailed guideline so that you can assemble the stand without any hassle. The manual also features pictures so that you can take help from it.

  • For the first step, assemble the 4 leg stands to the long connect tube and secure them tightly with the long screws. The long connected tube should be pointed in such a way that the end of the tube is receiving the screws that are pointing downwards.
  • Now, assemble the four legs stands to the short connect tube then secure them with the long screws.
  • The four casters should be screwed to the base of the leg stand and make sure you screw them properly.
  • For the upper part, insert the pan onto the end of the long connect tube. However, make sure that you secure the short screws in the lower position as well. After that, insert the U-shaped perch holder onto the pan and tighten it up with shirt screws.
  • For the final step, insert the perch onto the U-shaped perch holder and screw the cup holder to the U-shaped stand until the perch becomes stable and secure. Now put the stainless steel cups on its position and let you birds enjoy quality time with the stand.

Kaytee Pet T-Stand

Things to Look for in the Stand

When you’re shopping for a pet stands, there are several factors you should consider. Let’s take a look at the factors that play a vital role and which you should take into account before making the purchase.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the stand should be proportionate to the size of the bird. If the birds are big in size then you should opt for a stand that can handle the weight of the birds. Also, if you want to put the stand inside the cage then measure the size of the cage first and get a stand which can easily fit inside it. Make sure you can enough room in there so that the birds can move about freely. If you put the cage as a centerpiece then make sure that the size or the shape of the stand match well with the overall decoration of the room so that it doesn’t seem odd in there.


No matter how aesthetically pleasing the stand is, if it’s made with flimsy material then it’s not worth the investment. Make sure the stand is made with quality material with coating to keep away rust and corrosion. Sometimes the birds tend to chew on the stand so if the material isn’t strong then it’ll easily get corroded. Also, go for a stand that offers easy maintenance and cleaning procedures so that you can clean the stand without much hassle.


Mobility is one of the most important features for bird stand as that will allow you to easily move the stand around the house without any hassle. The Kaytee T-Stand has a wheelset that helps to move the stand from one place to another. Having a flexible will set will not require you manually pick it up which will save a lot of time as well as energy.

Final Words

Pet bird requires proper love and attention to help them live a healthy life. Pet birds stay mostly caged so giving them a stand will enable them to move about freely as well. The Kaytee Pet T-stand is an outstanding stand that comes with phenomenal durability and a budget-friendly price. So, if you’re looking for an affordable stand then do give the Kaytee EZ Care Pet Bird T-Stand a try and we can assure you that it’ll not let you or the birdie down.

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