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lixit bird deluxe glass water bottle

In summer, when we are working out in the sun, we always feel the constant thirst of water in our body. Dehydration is not so uncommon in summer and that we get to hear it from almost all the person around us in summer. To combat that, we drink coconut water, mango juice, soda in addition to the (of course) mineral drinking water. And why wouldn’t that be? Our body is in constant need of water and we can scream for that.  

Unfortunately for the birds, it is not the same. They cannot “scream” for water, they cannot make us understand that they are dying because there’s no water nearby. Even if there is, the water will not be in a ‘drinking’ position; it will be contaminated with dust, garbage, and other pathogens. And what can we expect from tub water- waterlogged tires or containers? Well, admit it or not these are the sources of drinking water for those little birds flying around from city to city. Not a lot of people think about birds, you know.

Well, thanks to the Earth that now there are water bottles that are manufactured solely for birds! That’s a whole new leap, I must say. And no other water bottle is doing better than The lixit bird water bottle with 4.5 stars on Amazon. So it’s the time we should know more about this and why they have become so cult-favorite in the world of bird lovers.

First of all, the Iixit bird water bottle ensures that the birds are given clean healthy water all the time, 24 * 7. The water bottle promises to provide water absolutely free from bacterial contamination, dust or debris (something we actually need). With its unique cover-up design, no food, droppings or feathers can fall on the drinking water, thus standing firmly on its promise to provide clear water.

Now, you must be curious about what this water bottle contains. Well, it has a small size and deluxe size glass bottle which somehow looks to me like a milk bottle. There are tube and stopper, holder and steel mounting bracket with the glass bottle.

Lixit Bird Water bottle

The amazing feature that makes the water bottle stand out among the crowd is the TUFF TIP Version of metal. It features an ultra-thick metal nozzle tip that prevents the bird from chewing away tip while drinking water from it. Plus, the bottle is so put-together that it will hardly spillage water around it.

The variations of this Iixit water bottle for birds amaze me. I mean there are so many alternatives to choose from! They have 3 size specifications basically; small, medium and large.

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Size: Small

The small size is a 16oz water bottle with 0.3125″ tube size.

Recommended for: Smaller birds which may include the Canaries, Finches, and Cockatiels.

Size: Medium

The medium size is a 16oz water bottle with 0.4375″ tube size

Recommended for: Medium birds and animals which may include Conures, Quakers, Senegals, Small dogs and puppies

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Size Of  Lixit Water Bottle For Birds: Large (there are 3 size variations in Large category)

The large size is a 16oz water bottle with 0.625″ tube size

Another one is in a 32oz water bottle with 0.625″ tube size

The final one is in the same size, i.e., 32oz water bottle but with 0.625″ Tuff Tip Tube size

Recommended for: Larger birds, which may include African Greys, Amazon Parrots, Macaws, Adult Dogs

The Tuff Tips can be used for Macaws, Cockatoos, Large dogs or with any animal that has sharp nails.

Coming to convenience and usage. Birds basically don’t have to do too much to drink water from the Iixit bottle. They just have to move or manipulate the stainless steel ball that is hanging at the end of the tube, and that’s about it, they will be able to drink water from it. If the bird isn’t touching the ball, no water will drip from the bottle – thus no wastage of water. If you are keeping it in the birdcage, then the cage will be clean too as there’s no accidental spillage. With few uses, your birds will learn the process and they can get to drink water anytime they want.

And that’s not all, the Iixit bird water bottle is easy to install and can fit almost all the cages in the world because of its size variations. If you are worried about the rubbery part, then don’t worry, they are non-toxic and USDA approved. Plus, just to be extra sure – all the components of Iixit bottle can be sterilized, even its mounting hardware.

Though all the components are fairly durable and will last you for years, the replacement options, on the other hand, make it even more convenient. You can replace a new bottle with the existing ones, or buy them separately as you may require.

Now, let’s just take a quick glimpse at the pros and cons so that you know whether the Iixit bird water bottle is the one you are looking for and that you want to spend money on it (or not).

bird water bottle

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  • Easy to Install
  • Can fit most cages because of its size variations available
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Water will be always fresh and clean
  • No spillage, no messy cages
  • Stainless Steel Holder
  • Stainless Steel drinking tube & Ball
  • USDA approved non-toxic rubber stopper
  • TUFF TIP Version of metal features an ultra-thick metal nozzle tip that prevents the bird from chewing it away while drinking water from it


  • Expensive than other animal water bottles in the market
  • Some users complained that the cap doesn’t seal properly
  • The gasket gets twisted easily
  • The manual instruction doesn’t say properly how to stick the bottle to the cage
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Final Words

Though there are so many users who would still like to use an open water bottle for birds, I like the idea of closed ones like the Iixit bird water bottle. The reason is quite straightforward; it gives me the benefit of clear, healthy and contamination free drinking water for my birds.

I know my money is well spent on these, with the goodness I receive in return. Plus, they look good too! What else I can ask for?


I am Maria and adore birds all the time. I love parrots, macaws parrot, Theodore Finch. I would love to review bird feeders, bird foods, and bird toys.

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