Parakeet information-Everything to Know about Parakeet Birds

Do you know you can literally learn relationship goals from your parakeet?

There will be love, drama, playfulness, and everything between a couple of parakeets or between a pet and an owner.

Before you earn trust from your parakeet and make a strong bond with them, it is important you know everything about them.

And for you, we have come up with a writer that highlights each and every area of parakeet information.

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Parakeet information

Look At Key Aspects Of Parakeet Infromation

  • Personality:

If you own a parakeet then you must know that your companion matters a lot to it. Such birds tend to be very sociable so they will get depressed if they are left alone. Since they cannot survive loneliness, you either have to get opposite gender parakeet or give maximum time to them yourself.

As you will be keeping them in a cage, it’s a must that you talk to them so they can interact with you while seeing and hearing you. You will find them very curious and just marvel at their response to your interaction.

Initially, parakeets might stay afraid of having a stranger but once the time passes, they happen to get cuddly. They love entertainment so if you keep them in the cage, do provide them with toys so they can play with them. If you think your parakeets have got adjusted to your home well, then you can set them free with a T-stand to play with inside the house.

Sometimes, parakeets can get aggressive and there are some reasons for this. If you made them do something they don’t like, they might end up nipping you. Meanwhile, if you give lesser time to them, they might start biting the cage bars for your attention. So, when they behave aggressively, you should know that something is making them upset.

However, this does not mean that you have to stay around the cage all the time. Because they need space as well. That said, your quality training, care, and love can reduce all the nipping and bite over time.

Also when they scream, make them know you are there for them. Know their needs because you might not always like to hear their screeches no matter how sweet their voice is.

Parakeets usually tend to talk through gestures most of the time. Take feather plucking as an example. If they do that, it means that he is having issues with adjusting to the place or the cage. So, change the place or the cage or try to include wood parches or food so they can feel home. Be sure to check if they are comfortable with it.

  • Lifespan:

Different species have different life expectancy but basically, they can live up to 12 to 15 years on average. Sometimes, the lifespan can reach over 25 years but that’s a little rare except for species like Monk Parakeet. Parakeet

The lifespan is determined by not only species but also by overall health and quality of living. If they do not get proper care and diet, their lifespan is meant to get reduced. Also, make sure you keep the cage clean as well because they might get ill if their cage is left messy.

Lifespan is considered one of the most important parakeet information.

  • Intelligence:

Parakeets are known to be those smart birds that love to keep themselves busy in a variety of activities. They are able to learn a lot of tricks such as climbing a ladder, whistling with you, giving you a high five, playing a little soccer, fetching a tiny item or greeting you when you come.

You can add perches and toys to their cage including items of different shapes and colors which will attract them. But do not force them to do anything. Win their trust at first and then establish a strong bond while teaching them all of these with love and care. Not just that, repetition is also an important key but your patience is required.

Besides learning tricks, a happy parakeet can learn to talk, tweeting a song and can master imitating sounds they often hear. If you give them training properly with love, they can grasp about 100 to 300 words and phrases. So, they won’t just be screeching and screaming, they can be a singer and a noisy chatterbox!

  • Diet:

Just like all the birds, parakeet too requires a balanced and nutritious diet. You can get them birdseed mix or pellets that will be high quality. You can also provide them with fresh veggies and fruits like leafy greens, broccoli, tomato, slices of melon or pear or apple since these are essential as well. Also, feed them enough water and it should be fresh obviously.

Do not let them get bored with the foods. If you think your parakeet has stopped taking the food suddenly, bring some changes and check if they are liking the food or not.

  • Exercise:

You will never want your parakeet to get sluggish and depressed. If you want to own one, then have them engaged inadequate exercise. Just it has been mentioned, train them to climb a ladder or perches. Not just that, try to add toys that will make them chew so that it can keep their health in top condition. Also, do not always keep them in the cage. Try to give them a lot of chances to fly, walk and run around outside the cage. Give them enough time so that they can exercise their flight muscles securely.

  • Health:

These birds appear to be healthy but you will still need to take care of their health. If you have no idea how to keep them healthy then get a book that covers all the areas related to their health. You should know the way of keeping them happy if you want them to live a great life.

Besides, you should also need to check their diet and provide them with foods depending on their preference. You also need to watch for appetite changes because a loss of appetite can be one of the signs of illness. If your parakeet does not eat anything, even its favorite food then you need to call a veterinarian.

Moreover, you should also check their feet because they are likely to get infections over there. Make sure that their claws are short or else longer claws can impede them from gripping their perch.

Checking their feces for discoloration is also essential. Because that can also come as a sign of illness. And if that’s the case, then take them to a vet.

Parakeets can often suffer from respiratory issues. You parakeets should not breathe with their beak open because if they do, it means they are having the issue. So, you must check their beak as well and make sure it is not overgrown.

It is essential that you take note of their activities or any kind of behavioral changes. If possible, try to get them as regular health checkups as possible.

Final Words On Parakeet Information

This is all about the parakeet information you need to know before having it as a pet.

Happy birding!


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