Parrot Care – A complete Guide For Caring Your Parrot

Wanna pet a parrot? But don’t know about parrot care.

If you don’t want to go crazy with your first purchase of pet birds and want to hit something small, then parrots would be the right choice. Parrots vary to be small and medium in size’ they are cute and can fit any cage that you may have already in your home.  The noise levels of parrots are fairly low as mentioned by some of the bird owners. Plus, they don’t tear down toys as quickly as other birds do (so yeah, that saves few of your bucks!)

Parrots are good talkers by the way! Teach them with affection, and they will learn them like a robot and mimic to you in their own cute comical voices. Their playfulness and energetic vibes have already owned so many hearts, no wonder you will be one too in the list once you visit them in the shop.

As a plus point, parrots are inexpensive compared to other birds that you will be seeing in this list (and definitely, way lot cheaper than Macaws no matter what sizes you go for!). And, I find parrots to be quite fluffy and squishy, making them a wonderful company when you need a cuddling buddy.

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Topping these all off, they are fairly easy to maintain or care. Here, we are going to go through some of the different types of parrots; and the tricks you can follow for ensuring parrot care

African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots

The name can be a mouthful; I know, but let’s not go there. We have more interesting features to focus on. African Grey Parrots (let’s call them AGP) are well known for their quiet nature, intelligence and sensitivity. AGP basically have two sub-species: the Congo African Grey and the Timneh African Grey.

If the name “Grey” has fascinated you already then you will be more amazed by how responsive these birds can be. You can question them and they will answer you as those genius students do in the classroom. That’s not all; they can also surprise you by being numb and dumb, with their naïve facial expressions. To round up the package, these birds are large enough to hold on and cuddle, yet small enough to keep them in a cage. 10 out of 10 as a pet bird can go!

However, keep in mind that, the initial cost of African Grey Parrot, its cage and supplies can be pricy. These birds are picky and would not eat anything you put in front of them. Plus, the cost will add up if you want to purchase those additional toys and high-quality pallets.

So taking care of African Grey parrots is expensive. But if money is not an issue, then having these birds would light up your mood, any time of the day.

Amazon Parrots

If strong personalities and affectionate birds are your things, then Amazon Parrots are your must-haves. However, the feature that sets them apart from other birds is their body language. They understand when you are sad and will cuddle with you to brighten up your mood. They are extremely loving yet extremely feisty. Plus, you will also get to know how they are feeling; sad or happy, energetic or gloomy with their body expressions. They love to be in the limelight and will clown around to make it possible in any way –you can’t basically remain “unhappy’ when they are around.

As if these weren’t enough, Amazon Parrots are great talkers too! There is not much around that these parrots can’t say. YES, they are a little bigger than other pet birds and NO, they are not cheaper – but, hey (!) they are extremely appealing to beat that.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to go with the less demanding birds, such as blue-fronted, white-fronted, Red-lored, and lilac-crowns. These are easy to handle birds, plus they are quieter.

Behold! Amazon Parrots are too smart for a bird. So, before purchasing, make sure you can provide them standard socialization, chances to exercise and a fair share of toys.

Pionus Parrots

parrot care

We cannot be done with the types of parrots, can we? I mean, there are so many types of parrot, one beating the goodness other. We have to enlist at least three of them to give them proper respect. So again we are here with Pionus Parrot – an almost perfect pet bird to be true.

This type of parrots is quiet most of the times, but that doesn’t mean they are shy. They are so intelligent that they can pick up the words you are using almost instantly. Not only that, but they will also learn the meaning of those words and use them on whom you teach them to be appropriate. Plus, they don’t bite (haha!).

Pionus Parrots like attention, they will instantly become fond of yours if you show them some love. But they are also good alone too, if you are tired and it’s a Wednesday night, then don’t worry, they won’t get mad at you.

These parrots are not expensive to pet, they eat usual parrot mix diet, but if you can provide them with extra frozen vegetables – they will finish that instantly. All they need is a clean spacious cage where they can perch, play and swing, and that’s all. They will make you happy every time you enter the room.

Final Words On Caring Of Parrot

Having a bird around has both advantages and disadvantages.

They give you company when you are alone, sings for you, climb and jump, keep the environment lively. You will never feel bored when they are around; take care of them and they love you back, if not more.

However, it is time-consuming and costly to pet a bird. No matter if you want to pet parrotlet, a parrot or a macaw; they will require your affection, have some distinctive need for diet, and toys. But above all, they will require a special bond of trust with you to be their best self and when you are successful building that bond, the birds will turn out to be your best friends, forever

It is a complete guide of parrot care that provides the best possible guidelines.


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