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You may raise a question that what can be the effectiveness and importance of bird toys. let you justify.

When we are staying at home because of the snow or lack of the sun, we somehow feel the need of having something to keep ourselves busy. Staying at home, with possibly no work can make anyone feel bored and tedious. To combat that, we switch on the television, play some song on YouTube, watch movies, cook, garden, and so on. And why wouldn’t we? Our body is in constant need of something to work upon and we can scream for that.

Unfortunately for the birds, it is not the same. They cannot “scream” for what they need, they cannot make us understand that they are bored caged all day long. Even if there is another bird in the cage, the situation will not be the same. The other bird could be too dominating, too shy or simply not interested to play along with the bird. Just because they couldn’t speak up about their problems, doesn’t mean they are doing FINE

Bonka Bird Toy

Well, thanks to the companies that now there are toys that are manufactured solely for birds! That’s a whole new leap, I must say. And no other toy making companies do it better than The Bonka Bird Toy. So it’s the time we should know more about this and why they have become so cult-favorite in the world of bird lovers.

Let’s Get to know more details about Bonka Bird Toys

Bonka Bird Toys

First of all, the Bonka Bird Toy may look a little cheap when you first take a glance at it. When I first found the toy pieces, I was a bit skeptical. The foam pieces looked out of places, thrown together out of nowhere and not natural at all. But as I was on the mood of buying a few things for my bird, I added these pieces of stuff in the cart. There’s nothing wrong to try, right?

The bonka toys promise to come with amazing quality, durable construction and looks like festive toys. With its unique cover-up design, bird safe materials, multiple uses of the toys, the company tries to stand firmly on its promise to provide proper amusements to the birds.

Now, you must be curious about what happened when I received the toys. Well, I was more than turned off holding the toys in hand. The toy looked like a cupcake; Solla wood has been used to make the toy, making the product very lightweight. Moreover, the foam pieces and plastic that has been used to build the toy fluffy seemed more insubstantial, lacking any sort of rigidity or solidity.

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I was so put off seeing the toys, that I put it back into the box and threw it into the cupboard. It was a complete waste of money- I mumbled to myself and forgot about the purchase as soon as possible. The toy was completely out of my book until I started cleaning my bird’s cage. I wasn’t able to give much time and attention to my birdie (courtesy goes to the exam week!) I desperately needed someone or something that my birds can be busy with. And by the grace of almighty, I happen to remember about theses bonka toys that have been sitting idle, eating dust, in the cabinet for weeks.

As soon as I put the toy inside the cage, my birdie was afraid and curious at the same time. But later what I saw was mind-blowing; the bird was completely busy, playing with the toy non-stop. Usually what happens in the evening is that I would come home, and the bird would start calling out to me on its own way, singing, sometimes shouting. And I had to pay attention to it, no matter what time it is of the day, and what day it is of the week. But as soon as it was introduced to bonka, it almost immediately forgets that I exist! Though the solla wood was so fragile, that the bird almost tore it apart; but it was fun looking at my bird enjoying on its own, without me. It was a relief! Now, I could spend the time doing some homework, at last!

Bird Toys

Though later I realize, it wouldn’t be economic enough to buy bonka bird toys every week. I would not plan to buy these on a weekly basis (though they are cheap!), but No. So, what I thought next was a game changer, I bought Bonka Bird Toys Large Shredmaster Refill. With these, I could make toys for my birds at home, at the cost of cents. Plus, theses Shredmaster Refill are made with 100% bird safe material, so the birds won’t come in contact with any toxic pieces.

With Bonka Shredmaster Refill, I made a toy for my bird which she was equally happy to play with. I slide in a wood block, covered it with the refill and my birdy chew away almost all of it. Plus, remember that birds love to nibble the wrappers and like to hear the sound as they do it. So if you buy any toys for your bird, don’t throw away the wrappers. Use them as another toy, put it in the cage, and see your bird go gaga over that small tiny wrappers.

But, I don’t necessarily plan to work with my birds only with the DIY toys. I plan to buy the cupcake shaped Bonka toys, once in a while, more when I would like to treat my bird with something special. But as a matter of fact, the next time I am out surfing for bird’s toys, anything made with Solla wood would have my first priority!

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Final words

Bonka promises that they make bird toys that are interesting enough to keep the birds engaged all day look. Though I didn’t like the color of it and thought it looked cheap; and though I didn’t like the quality of it and thought it was insubstantial; my birds thought of it the other way. They LIKED it, and it was what that mattered the most.

The reason for buying the toys was to keep my birds busy and entertained, and Bonka Bird Toys served the purpose.

Overall, I am happy with the Bonka products and would rate it 4 out of 5 stars!

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