Types Of Pet Birds

Birds are wonderful companions, but they are not for everyone. Some birds are large, and are meant to survive for years, but require a lot of your investment; whereas others are small, don’t live long, but requires an insignificant amount of time or your effort.

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Here we have discussed 5 types of pet birds which are easier on the handling cost; if you are a beginner at petting birds- then you have clicked just the ‘right’ article.


Types of pet birds

Now, if you don’t want to go crazy with your first purchase and want to hit something small, then budgies would be the right choice. They are also known as parakeets or budgerigars; these small birds are cute and can fit any cage that you may have already in your home.  The noise level of budgies birds is fairly low as mentioned by some of the budgies owners. Plus, they don’t tear down toys as quickly as other birds do (so yeah, that saves few of your bucks!)

Budgies are good talkers by the way! Teach them with affection, and they will learn them like a robot and mimic to you in their own cute comical voices. Their playfulness and energetic vibes have already owned so many hearts, no wonder you will be one too in the list once you visit them in the shop.

As a plus point, budgies are inexpensive compared to other birds that you will be seeing in this list (and definitely, way lot cheaper than Macaws no matter what sizes you go for!). And, I find budgies to be quite fluffy and squishy, making them a wonderful company when you need a cuddling buddy.

Topping these all off, they are fairly easy to maintain or care and can perform all those fun bird tricks. They can entertain you all in no time, way to go birdie!


Types of pet birds

Did the soap popup into your mind? Every time I hear “Dove”, my ever-imaginative mind goes back to its flashback mode and think of that litmus paper ad where Dove tries to prove how mild their soap is. (We got is Dove!) Haha!

Back to pets. Doves are those white, medium-sized birds that are hardy and like to interact well with its owners. But the feature that sets them apart from all other pet’ able birds is that doves prefer to spend time alone with selves.  They don’t require constant attention, so you can do your work without the headache of pampering them (I know that can be a pain in the neck).

Since they are smaller in size, cleaning them is not a big deal. These quiet bonds do require some form of bonding but trust me, they get satisfied with less – be it food or your time. Just remember to keep their cages clean, you will be good to go with this lovey- doveys.

More Types of Pet Birds



Ahh! The name says it all. Have you ever thought why lovebirds are called “lovebirds”? Well because, they are strong believers of pair bonding, and because of which they spend hours after hours sitting and spending time together.  They are tremendously social, friendly and affectionate.

So, when you are planning to buy lovebird, make sure you are buying them in pairs if not more. In terms of feeding them, they are more than happy to eat grass, seed, fruits, and vegetables. However, there are some variations of lovebirds that you must know before purchasing them. For example, peach-faced lovebirds would be happy to live and sing for you – black-collared lovebirds would be way more demanding and their diva-like nature may bring more problems in your life rather than the harmony you are looking for.



It can be hard to pet a bird when you are living in an airport, with a little balcony. You need a bird that is not so loud; you don’t want to disturb neighbors. A decent calm pet in such circumstances would be poicephalus. These birds are naturally very sporty; you can train them easily and make them learn the pet tricks in no time. They have very similar characteristics to that of human, with their boisterousness, they will never fail to amuse you. Plus, they are also fast in bonding with the owner, affectionate and loving – I can’t ask more from a bird.

Poicephalus are small in size, they don’t require a large case – just a corner of your home and they are more than happy with their living. One of the owners of poicephalus birds mentioned that it only takes her 20 minutes to feed, water and clean them. Seriously, this bird is basically for those who have the desire to pet but with no time, whatsoever.


Types Of Pet Birds

Well now, let’s talk about those who do office 9 to 5 and have zero time to spend on birds. How would they pet a bird when some birds can be so high-maintenance!

Finches can be their BFF in such instance. When you make some investment and provide them with a full-fledged birdy environment (aka proper flight case), you consider 50% of your problem (bird-related) to be solved. Haha!

The next 50% would be solved if you buy them in couples so that they can interact with each other. You don’t have to spend time with finches to give them company; they are shy birds and would love to remain in their cage interacting with other finches.  Zero handlings requires, whatsoever.

Just remember to water, feed and clean them (basically, make sure they don’t die out of hunger). The rest will be taken care of by the brainy birds and as a reward; you will get to hear their sweet whisperings every morning you wake up.

Final words

Before you put your hands to any of the birds, make sure you have researched about them thoroughly. Know about their housing habit, nutrition facts, and how to provide them with proper attention.

Once you have checked all these, and have this article by your side; you are more than ready to pet birds of your dream.

This is all about types of pet birds you can choose.

Happy Birding!


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