Windridercreations Macaw Carrier Review

Traveling with the bird will no longer be a hassle if you have the right carrier. Macaws are large birds so carrying them is along is quite a daunting task, however, a good carrier will enable you to safely carry the bird around while providing the bird with a comfortable environment.

When you’re shopping for a carrier, you should always be concerned about providing a secured and safe ride to the bird. Macaws are quite large so you ensure that the carrier has enough space so that the bird will not feel suffocated inside it.

Macaw Bird

There are numerous carriers in the market but not all contain sufficient room for large birds. The  Windridercreations Macaw carrier has plenty of room inside it for the bird which will enable the bird to enjoy a comfortable stay in there.  Macaw carrier has a length of 36-inches that will help the Macaw to roam about freely without feeling congested or trapped. Let’s take a detailed look at the Macaw Carrier’s features.

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The Features OF The Macaw Carrier     

Bird carriers are quite expensive but they’ll help your pet bird companion to tag you along in journeys and make beautiful memories. The Macaw Carrier offers a great value for money as with proper care and maintenance, this will last you forever.  Macaw carrier

Macaws are long-tailed birds and there are multiple different kinds of macaws out there. Their length generally varies between 70cm to 100cm and having a large space is really essential to provide them with a comfortable living.

The Windridercreations Macaw Carrier has a length of 36-inches which provides optimum space so that the bird can move freely within the carrier. It also features in and outdoors which will enable you to easily take the bird in and out from the carrier.

This carrier has a dimension of 36 x 12 x 16 inches with a weight of 15 pounds. The lightweight and compact design of the carrier helps it to be easily moved around. It’s made with high-quality acrylic that adds strength to it while giving a beautiful outlook. The strong acrylic will prevent any sort of dent or tear on the carrier by the pet and keep it in good shape for years.

It features a dual bowl for both food and water so that your bird will not be hungry or thirsty throughout the trip. The bowls are easily removable, therefore, you can easily take it out of the carrier to clean them and you can put them back in its place after cleaning. There are multiple perches inside the macaw carrier cage so that the bird can sit easily and these perches are also removable.

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How To Assemble The Macaw Carrier?

The Windridercreations Macaw Carrier has a very simple and easy setup procedure. You can easily set it up at home without any professional help. At first, peel off the plastic from the top then choose a side to secure the perches and handle. Don’t overtighten the perches rather keep it a bit wiggly so that the Macaw can have a fun time in there. Now, follow the same procedure for the other side as well.

Install the bottom as well as the top. Assemble the doors and other accessories according to your liking. You can also put bird toys inside the carrier too. Make sure that you don’t overtighten the screws as that might form a crack on the carrier over time.


  • Strong and durable build construction
  • Food and water bowls
  • Easy setup procedure
  • Can be maintained easily
  • Inner perches are movable
  • The acrylic body provides a clear view of the birds
  • Suitable for macaws and other long-tailed birds


  • Slightly heavy
  • Expensive

Things To Consider Before The Purchases Of The Parrot Carrier

Now that you’re aware of the features of the Macaw carrier, there are few other factors that you should take into consideration in order to figure out if this is the perfect buy for you.


The construction of the carrier is an important feature that you should consider before making the purchase. Large birds often bite on the carrier with a heavy impact which might affect the build-quality and the construction. Therefore, make sure the construction is sturdy enough to endure heavy impacts. The Macaw Travel Carrier is constructed with high-quality acrylic that provides outstanding durability which is able to withstand hard impacts and falls with ease.


Macaws are large birds who need a spacious area in order to roam around freely inside the carrier. If this macaw bird carrier has tight space then it’ll make the bird feel suffocated. Make sure there is space available for toys both chewable and hanging so that the birds can have some fun time while being inside the carrier.


Large birds are known for making a mess inside the carrier. When you buy a carrier or cage for large birds make sure they can be opened up easily for cleaning and maintenance purpose. Having a seed and mess guard will also help the birds from making a mess outside the carrier.

Some Tips For Travelling With Large Birds
  • Make sure the bird is fit enough to travel. To ensure that go through health exam that is suggested by the vet. Also, you can ask for herbal medicines to reduce motion sickness in them.
  • Treats are must-have during trips as they will keep the birds both mentally and physically sound.
  • Have plenty of clean water to keep the bird hydrated and first-aid medicines so that you can give them emergency medications if required.
  • Macaws and other large birds are quite expensive and eye-catching. Ensure that you never leave the bird alone in the vehicle unattended, even for a minute.

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Final Thoughts

Pet birds are wonderful creatures and having them with you during a trip will be an absolutely blissful experience. There are countless bird carriers and cages out there but it’s vital that you get only the best for your little companion. The Windridercreations Macaw Carrier is a wonderful carrier that will provide the bird with plenty of space without feeling congested or suffocated inside it. So, go get your hands on this macaw carrier and have a fun trip with your beloved pet.


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