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Bird cages are your BFF when you are about to go out on a trip, and you don’t have anyone to look for your pets in the house. They are your soul-sisters when your birds are sick and have to be taken to the vets. And in crucial moments, they become your life-savers when you have to make sure your birds are not mad and won’t fly away because you didn’t give them “enough” time yesterday. Coz guess what, life happens!

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Overview Of Wingabago Bird Carrier

Wingabago Bird Carrier

To find this important “stuff” we are here for you with our one of the favorite top picks, Wingabago Bird Carrier. One of the best things about the bird carrier backpack is that it comes in two variations for you to choose from; no matter if you have finches or Amazon Parrots or Mini Macaws or any playfull parrot – the small size (measuring 12 x 12 x 17) and large size (measuring 15 x 15 x 22) are available with Wingabago Bird Carrier. Plus, if you have a “thing” for cage material, then let me tell you one thing; the cage is absolutely transparent. The cage doesn’t make your birds feel trapped and allows you to monitor them 24*7.  So, long story short, you can see inside and the birds can see outside.

Let’s talk about their built first, because there’s a lot to cover! A good and strong carrier is exceptionally important if you are buying it for the sole purpose of traveling. You don’t want the nuts-bolts to leave its body one by one, and the bird to fly away leaving your sight probably when you are simply walking in that park, unaware of the scenario. A benign-looking cage with such “features” can break the deal (and Hearts), so that’s why I say the material is important, as well as it’s built.

With Wingabago, you don’t have to worry about such. Their high-end craftsmanship would not let you complain about its sturdy, strong-built. There are definitely noticeable features in the quality of cage materials, which you will be able to compare with cheaper ones when you first see them. The exterior of the cage is built with FDA approved, strong, resilient, non-toxic plastic. So the birds are not left to live in a toxic environment. The corners of the carrier are not in typical right angles, rather more rounded. The ventilation holes placed at the top and sides keep the carrier ventilated. Plus, the large front clear door would help you to access the birds easily. The carrier is available with 2 stainless steel food bowls, a toy hanger, and 3 wood perches in 0.75 inches, – 1 inch and in – 1.25 inches.

Convenience at its best with Wingabago Bird Carrier (also known as macaw carrier) – this saying goes so well not only from your perspectives but also from the birds’ as well. Wondering why? Well, the cage is spacious to a whole new level. The extra spacy rooms allow the small to medium-sized birds to stretch their wings, swing on the perch, play on the floor and so on. If your bird is small, then that’s even better. They will be more than happy to get such a large home to stay, I mean who doesn’t love that!

Talking of medium-sized birds, if you are a proud owner of a mini macaw then you must need a cage that has strong bars and perches. Because macaws aren’t going to sleep all day in your new cage; they will try to scratch the walls, bend the bars, and warp the perches – in such scenario strong bars and perches should be your top priority while you are purchasing a carrier. And who can give you that better than Wingabago Bird Carrier?

Now everything comes at a price. With such choices and features provided, the airline approved cargo bird carrier makes sure they are not making any loss. Frankly speaking, most of the transparent bird carriers are expensive and that makes it be out of the list of so many potential buyers who just want a cage with minimal features. But hey, if you are talking about exceptional built with high-level quality that you will be using for years after years, then no one can beat Wingabago Bird Carrier. Mark these words!

So yeah, that’s about it. Let’s just take a quick glimpse at the pros and cons so that you know whether Wingabago Bird Carrier is your thing and that you want to spend money on it (or not).

Wingabago Bird Carrier

Lets Look At Pros And Cons Of The Bird Carrier


  • Lightweight and strong-built
  • Easy to clean
  • Large and spacious, makes it suitable for small to medium-sized birds like Mini Macaws, Amazon Grey parrots, etc.
  • The large transparent front door makes it easy to monitor the birds, 24*7.
  • Strong wooden perches; available in 0.75 inches, – 1 inch and in – 1.25 inches.
  • Durable and high quality
  • Comes with 2 stainless steel food bowls and a toy hanger
  • Perfect for emergency traveling


  • Can be expensive to some of the buyers
  • Can get dirty pretty easily; plus, the dirt is easily visible because of the transparent build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Are the Wingabago Bird Carrier too big in size to travel?

Answer: “Too big” is subjective here. The answer to this question can depend on the size of your bird. If you are traveling with an adult Macaw then Wingabago Bird Carrier will be small in size for the bird. On the other hand, if you are traveling with budgies, then the bird carrier box would be just fine.

Question 2: What kinds of birds can rest comfortably well inside the carrier?

Answer: Wingabago Bird Carrier is perfect for small to medium-sized birds. Cockatiels, Senegal Parrots, Quaker Parrots, Caiques, Sun, Green Cheek, and Nanday Conures, Moluccans, and Mini Macaws are some of the birds that would find themselves comfortable inside the carrier.

Final words

So a birdcage, due to its varying components and features can be a “holy grail” for someone but only “expensive” to others. For me, quality beats it all, even price. At all, I consider it as one of the best bird carrier.

If I had to purchase one carrier for my bird, I would choose Wingabago Bird Carrier, hands down. With such durability and quality, I know each of my cents is well spent. Also, there are other feeders we reviewed, to check them out click here.

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