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Here we are now with a birdcage review, whose importance we get to acknowledge when we first purchase a bird to pet. Not only that, how would you carry your bird to vets or to your friend’s wedding if you don’t have a proper cage for them. A bird cage not only prevents your bird from flying away to its ancestors but also protects them from the cat or dog that you have already established as family members. I know you can’t provide them the whole sky and call it a “cage” because that doesn’t sound right, but you can make sure the place they are living is not bad to “live” in.

Let’s start this well-detailed YML Bird Cages Review

Yml Bird Cages

Starting with your room, if you live in an apartment then you must don’t have spacious room for your birds. Admit it, apartment in today’s world are not like we used to see back in the 90s. They are designed in such a way which is just about “right” for a family to live, although the smaller the family is the better. Now, it may get really difficult if your bird cage is nothing but a steady giant. YML bird cages can be termed as just “perfect” in such a scenario, and let me tell you why.

First of all, YML cage has an amazing dimension that makes the whole bird cage ideal to be set in any small apartment you might be living. With 20 x 20 x 28.5 inches dimension in size, you can place this cage in your kid’s room, and it will fit them perfectly. But bear in mind that, YML is suitable for small sized birds, which could be cockatiels, finches, parakeets, kalitas, canaries, and lovebirds. The cage, in terms of size, is not too big not too small. Thus, your small birds will get enough space to stretch its wing, climb onto the ceiling without feeling too stuffed inside.

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Talking about the frame, the frame is made with metal – will never break, never bend and never rust. The metal is coated with a non-toxic epoxy-baked finish, a very powdery finish making the cage look very sophisticated. If you don’t know what “non-toxic epoxy-baked finish” is, then don’t worry because this stuff is absolutely harmless to your bird’s health.

Moving on, YML bird cages will not only last you for years (yes, it is durable), but also will please your eyes with its design. This perfect sized cage comes in three different colors; white, golden, black and antique silver. So take your kid and let them choose whatever they like the best. This yml group bird cage won’t disappoint the elders, as well.

If transportation is your only concern (or perhaps, one out of the many), then YML bird cages have the wheels for you. If you want to carry it to the grocery shop, then simply put the cage on the wheeled metal stand. And Voila! You can later carry them as you would have done with a trolley, with no tension, whatsoever.

The unique feature that sets YML bird cages aside from its competition is its play top. Its top can be opened easily to get free access to the bird. Say, you want to feed the bird, or provide them with the toys that you have recently purchased – this easy to open play-top feature would save your time, a lot. Plus, the cage includes 2 feeder cups and 3 wooden perches, making the cage bigger for the birds to relax, stand on and move, whereas making it convenient for you to feed them.   

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I know, cleaning is a big issue when it comes to a bird cage. No one has that extra time to spend on cleaning of something that is solely based on a “hobby” and that too on a weekly basis. YML know this well and therefore, has made the birdcage to be convenient for you to clean. Because of its removable metal grate, swing-out door and plastic side out tray – you don’t have to clean the whole cage all the time, just remove the components you find dirty and go for a click Cleanup. Easy!

Now, let’s just take a quick glimpse at the pros and cons so that you know whether YML Bird Cage is The Cage for you and that you want to spend money on it (or not).


  • Cage size is big, suitable for small-medium parrots
  • Bars are strong and wouldn’t bend
  • Sturdy design and well-built
  • Easy to clean and use, courtesy goes to the slide-out tray and removable metal grade
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Affordable price
  • The cage is airy (not boxed system) and allows a lot of light
  • Painted finish give it a sleek look
  • Easily transportable because of its wheeled metal stand


  • Could be heavy to some users, with weight being 11 pounds
  • Some users complained that the shelf falls off when the stand is moved
  • The base of the cage is not as strong to support the top

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I collapse YML bird cage?

Answer: Yes, the parrot cage is collapsible for convenient transportation and storage.

Question 2: Can I fit my Cockatiel here?

Answer: Yes, YML Bird Cage can carry any small to medium-sized birds, including Cockatiel. Make sure you are putting a couple of toys too for their entertainment. It is also advised to get you cockatiel out from the cage once in a while since they are fond of a sociable environment. 

Question 3: Does this cage has a center hanger to be used as a stand?

Answer: No, YML Bird Cages don’t have any center hanger. However, you can jerry-rig a hanger and attach it to the top. The bars are extremely strong to hold on a hanger.

Question 3: Does Yml has large bird cages?

Answer: Still not available. Keep your eye on amazon and you will find it quickly as possible.

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Final Words

The main purpose of this article is to acknowledge you about the features, pros, and cons of YML Bird Cage, from my point of view. You can get it from others such as Walmart, Petco, Ebay and, Petsmart etc. However, Amazon could be the best option for it.

Now, traveling with a pet bird can be tricky, but with a nice bird cage like YML – you are sure to enjoy your trip, without worrying about the pet. You may also consider yml bird cage stand for additional support.


I am Maria and adore birds all the time. I love parrots, macaws parrot, Theodore Finch. I would love to review bird feeders, bird foods, and bird toys.

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