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Are you looking for a comfortable yet stylish new home for your much-loved parrot? There are countless models of potential bird cages designed for only birds on the market but the wide range often results in confusion for the buyer seeking the perfect cage.

If you want to avoid wasting your time on the wrong products then we have something which might just be what you are looking for!

The You and Me Standing Parrot Cage is a strong and durable standing cage built for the comfort of your precious bird.


We are going to go over all the features of the cage here today and also give you a detailed insight on the product which should help you decide whether investing in it will be a smart choice or not.

So without any further ado let’s jump right into it.

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Lets Dig Into The Details Of You and Me Standing Parrot Cage Review

You and me bird cage

The cage has an interior measurement of 30 inches by 30 inches. The dimensions make it an appropriate unit for all kinds and sizes of parrots and other birds as well.

It can also accommodate more than one bird, both large and small and you will be glad to know that this Standing Cage is also ideal for Cockatiels if that is the kind of bird you own.

The You and Me Bird Cage does fall a bit under the heavier side, however, due to its heavy weight; the cage proves to be really strong. You can rest assured that it will not break nor topple over that easily.

Because it is built to stand, you can easily place it in the corner of a room if you may, or even at the front of a door arch.

The You and Me Standing Parrot Cage does not require any extra table or counter to act as its base as the stands can be assembled and attached to it for the height and proper support.

Not only is the cage ideal for your pet’s optimum comfort, but it is also very stylish and smart to look at while being safe too as you can easily put a safety lock on the main entrance to the cage.

The cage comes in a wonderful reddish-brown shade, complimenting the sturdy steel support of the cage.

For easy maintenance, there is also a tray and a grate that comes along, which you can easily take out and re-clean from time to time, or whenever necessary, allowing you to keep the area clean and odor free.

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Now let’s talk about some really great features of this cage that separate it from its competitors.


The cage comes with a stand which can be assembled and attached to it. The stand is very strong and durable, so you do not have to worry about the stand breaking under the weight of the steel cage. You and Me Standing Parrot Cage

Rolling Caster

There is also a very convenient rolling caster that comes equipped with the standing cage, hence you can move around the unit from one place to another.

This is great for mobility and to keep your house tidy and de-cluttered, just like your pet’s cage!


The You and me bird cage has three perches attached to it, which are at appropriate heights that will allow your parrot to flex its wings like it wants, without having to get them stuck or keep them shrunken inside.

Food and Water Dishes

There are five food and water dishes; three inside this parrot cage and two on the play top, which can be easily replaceable or taken out for cleaning and re-filling.

Play Top

The cage comes with a play top above, with a stand and the two remaining bowls on it, to which toys and food can be attached respectively. This ‘fun’ area will surely result in a happy bird.


The play top also has a removable drawer underneath it, so you can take it out and clean it if necessary.

Because of this your parrot can enjoy a fun time just hanging out, playing and minding its own business without you having to worry about a messy cage afterward.


For your parrot’s convenience as well as yours, you will be delighted to know that the you and me standing parrot cage has multiple doorways, so you can reach out to your beloved pet from whichever angle you want.


The tray and grate below the cage are really easy to clean and do not stain either so that guarantees proper and easy maintenance without too much fuss.

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  • Comes with a strong stand made of sturdy steel which will not bend or break under the heavy weight of the cage and the bird
  • A number of additional support such as food and water bowls is really convenient. This is especially true if you have more than one bird living inside.
  • Perches are at great height differences, appropriate for your parrot’s comfort and enjoyment.
  • Since the cage is very heavy, the rolling casters are a great addition to it, making it easier to move the cage around from places to places
  • Play top is a great way for your parrot to stretch, walk around and just have a good time with toys and food
  • In contrast to price, the cage has a lot of beneficial functions.


  • The cage does not come assembled.
  • The large built may not be ideal for homes with minimum space.



  1. Does the You and Me Standing Parrot Cage come in any other colors?
  • No, currently only the reddish-brown model is available for sale.


  1. Can I hang toys inside the cage as well as on the play top stand?
  • Unlike the stand on the play top for toys, the cage does not have one inside. However, you can easily hang toys or ribbons from the metal grate top of the cage and it will serve the same purpose.
  1. Can I set the cage on a table or will the roller casters roll the cage off?
  • Yes, you can absolutely set the cage on a strong table if you want. And no, the roller casters will not slide the cage off, since they will only work when being pushed hard.

However, the cage already comes with a stand so you do not really need to find a table for it. If you want, you can set the cage on the floor as well.


So there you have it. We have covered everything you need to know about the Standing Parrot Cage by You and Me, and we hope you have found this article to be interesting and helpful.

This is a good purchase for its price, the strong materials used in the construction and the smart overall design makes it one of the most value-added bird cages on the market.


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