Simple Tips On You & Me Bird Carrier You’ll Love

I know, you like to carry your small bird in your shirt pocket or perhaps in your collar. You like the sound it is constantly singing, that chitter-chatter conversation brings life to any surroundings, isn’t it?

But that’s not convenient all the time. What about the weather is bad, it’s raining.  How can you transport when you are taking them to vet for regular checkups or to nail cutting and wing clipping sessions?

And that’s when you will need a bird carrier. Let me introduce you to You & Me Bird Carrier with respect to the context we are talking about. This big and sturdy carrier promises to transport your bird, safely. Let’s see how it does that, its features and the million dollar question – does it worth your money?

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Let’s see in this You & me bird carrier review :

Bird Carrier

First of all, You & Me Bird Carrier is made of plastic. They are strong and meant to last long. The carrier also has an excellent ventilation system at the bottom, so there’s no barrier to your bird’s breathing.

The benefits are many, with plastic material being unbreakable and tough, it’s sure that you don’t have to replace your carrier every month. But the question that arises here is whether your bird would be comfortable in such an enclosed dark space. If I was a bird, I wouldn’t like to be in such a dark place no matter how good the ventilation system is. 

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But as a counter-argument, it can be said that “time” matters. If it’s only for an hour or less, say taking your bird to your friend’s house, then it won’t be a problem. But if it’s about a matter of the whole day, say you are going to a wedding and you want to carry it with you, then you might take a look at the alternatives.

Moreover, take your instincts into consideration. You know your bird more than anyone else, so think and evaluate before you make your purchase decision. If your pet bird is finches, then You & Me Bird Carrier is the perfect one for them. Because finches are shy and like to stay within themselves, thus they would cope better with an enclosed cage. On the other hand, if your pet is parrots, which are more friendly and social, they wouldn’t like this hard plastic-style carrier to stay longer than an hour. So, you get the point!

Now, let’s just think your pets are small, more into the finches or canaries category. For any small bird, You & Me Bird Carrier is a solid deal because of its dimension. With 17 inches length*10 inches Width*12 Inches Height, you can never go wrong with space. Your bird won’t hurt itself budging around here and there when you are carrying them by car. This ideal surface and depth of the carrier reduce the chances of any stress or trauma that may cause to your bird while you are traveling.

Now, let’s talk about the convenience to use. You & Me Bird Carrier have perch and carrying strap, so carrying it anywhere – anytime without any trouble, is confirmed. Plus, they are easy to open and close, so that your bird can enter and exit without any problem, whatsoever. Plus, you don’t want too wide ventilation strings in any carrier; it may risk your bird flying away while you are talking to the grocery retailer, for example. On that note, You & Me Bird Carrier has narrow yet well visible and breathable strings for the best being to your bird and a tension-free journey to you.

Now, let’s talk about another negative. Well usually what happens, if your carrier is a bit curvy on the top then your birds can climb onto them, to spend their time while you are busy doing work. However, You & Me Bird Carrier is basically made like a box system. There is nothing the poor bird can do when it is inside. And therefore, if you are carrying them in it for a long journey, then you may have to bring your bird out once in a while, just to entertain them so that they don’t get bored.

So, that’s about it. Let’s just take a quick glimpse at the pros and cons so that you know whether You & Me Bird Carrier is The Carrier for you and that you want to spend money on it (or not).



  • Promises to transport your bird safely, with no injuries
  • Plastic carrier- well built, strong and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Excellent Ventilation System
  • Has Feeding Slot
  • Ideal dimension and surface area; reduce chances of stress or trauma to your birds while traveling
  • Convenient to use; has easy-load top
  • Includes perch and carrying strap
  • Extremely lightweight, with weight being only 2 pounds.
  • Recommended for small birds that are shy and like to stay in a cage, aka less sociable ones


  • The cage looks like an enclosed dark space, could be problematic to put birds inside
  • Not for sociable birds
  • Plastic cage is not as durable as a stainless steel cage

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I fit my Amazon Parrot here?

Answer: No, Amazon parrots will not fit in You & Me Bird Carrier. These are bigger birds and they need to stretch their wings once in a while, which is not possible with the dimension provided with the given carrier. You & Me Bird Carrier, on the other hand, is perfect for small birds that need to be carried to vets or for quick trips.

Question 2: Can I put my bird’s toys inside?

Answer: Yes, you can. There is a hole in the top lid to carry or swing your bird’s toy.

Question 3: Can I carry my bird in it while I’m traveling to another country by airline?

Answer: Yes, You & Me Bird Carriers are airline proved. Hold on to the carrier tight as you are flying.

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Final words

I’m sure by now, you already know whether you liked You & Me Bird Carriers or not. To wrap it up, I would say there is no better bird carrier in the market providing such functions at such a low price point. They are cheap and they serve the purpose, to carry birds.

The rest depends on your decision.


I am Maria and adore birds all the time. I love parrots, macaws parrot, Theodore Finch. I would love to review bird feeders, bird foods, and bird toys.

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